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Why Mediation with ReCenter?

Why “re-center”?  At times of conflict, transition, grief or even excitement you can find yourself pitched off center a bit. You can lose a sense of sure footing, what supports you—your sense of groundedness.

In that state, working through a conflict, thinking creatively to solve problems, or even just listening can feel impossible.

Taking a deep breath and refocusing on the moment—your feet on the ground the sound of your breath— can help you become re-centered and better able to act in alignment with your values, core beliefs, or faith.

Re-centering allows you to access your inner resources and listen carefully, think creatively and collaborate on solutions from a place of personal strength.

Mediation helps resolve conflicts while preserving relationships
Estate conflicts don't need ruin relationships

Estate & Inheritance Conflicts

Conflicts that arise at the passing of a parent create pain and separation that interfere with the grieving and support necessary at this crucial transition point in the life of a family. Old wounds may resurface creating tension at a time when connection and closure is needed most.

Mediation is a private, confidential process that creates space for all voices to be heard and understood. Families work to identify issues and create unique solutions that feel fair, maintain family privacy and preserve important family relationships, allowing everyone to find closure and move on.

Elder Mediation

Caring for an aging parent can be the hardest work we do within the family. The concerns of the adult children for safety and well-being of a parent must be balanced with the parent’s important human need for self-determination. Conflicts here might include living arrangements, support for family caregivers, management of finances, and who pays for needed care and housing.

Elder Mediation ensures all voices, especially the elder’s, are heard and considered when the family is at an impasse. Through conversation and listening, parties gain a better understanding of the perspectives of others. As families work together to identify issues, they often realize there is incomplete or missing information. As the blanks are filled in, parties gain a better understanding of the available resources and options, leading to better informed decisions.

At times of transition or high stress in the family, elder mediation can help preserve important relationships and create peace of mind for the elder.

Mediation helps when planning elder care
Facilitation brings trust

Facilitated Family Decision-making

In Facilitated Family Decision-making, we mind the process so you can have a conversation aFacibout issues that are important to the family. By using both words and visual tools (color, line & shape) to capture the essence of the dialogue, participants can process the information in ways that are best for each individual.

Planning for an aging parent’s care before a crisis arises can prevent much stress and anxiety. This process brings together all concerned parties to share information, identify issues and possible solutions, distribute shared responsibility. Parties leave with a plan that includes timelines and a communication plan.

Frequently, all parties want to make a contribution, but not all are able to contribute in the same way. A guided conversation can help identify the different types of contribution available to each individual.

When the input of a subject matter expert is required, the family’s accountant, lawyer or a senior adviser may be included.

A facilitated family meeting at the time of planning the estate can be useful to ensure the reasons for the parents’ decisions about family assets are understood, questions can be answered and concerns shared.

Meeting sessions are usually 3-4 hours. Some simpler issues may be addressed in a 2 hour session. Multiple sessions may be necessary for complex issues.

Other Meeting Facilitation

We also offer general meeting facilitation for groups and organizations. Staff retreats and trainings can be designed to meet you organizational needs, such as goal setting, team building or improved communication. We offer seminars and workshops on how to be a better listener for non-for-profit and corporate clients.

Why Meg?

My mission is to foster conversation and model deep listening, a listening-to-understand. By drawing on my knowledge of conflict resolution methods, the legal system, aging issues, human behavior and both verbal and visual communication, I provide the right process for the problem so families can have productive conversations. I support people to tap into their inner resources to craft a solution that achieves resolution peacefully and privately.

Meg Rowe, ReCenter Resolutions, owner/principal

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